Quartz Countertops

Marble & Granite Tech, Inc offers quartz countertops for residential and commercial customers. As a certified fabricator, we are able to create a custom quartz countertop to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a sink basin or a coffee table top, we can create it.

What is quartz?

Quartz is a partially manmade stone with a similar appearance to granite. It is fabricated by combining ground quartz (a naturally formed mineral) with resins, polymers and pigments.  Quartz is one of Earth’s hardest minerals, and so quartz countertops are some of the most durable.

Why choose a quartz countertop?

Quartz countertops are extremely durable. Since they are nonporous, they resist stains from coffee, wine, tea, nail polish and other potentially damaging liquids. They also resist bacteria growth and can be cleaned easily.  Quartz is hard stone, so it resists cracking and chipping. If you need a durable surface that still looks beautiful, quartz may be a good fit for your needs.

Additionally, quartz countertops are highly customizable. You can select a slab that is contemporary or rustic, with earthy browns and grays or vivid colors with a lot of sparkle. The surface can also be customized from highly polished to matte. You can also select the degree of veining you’d like in your slab.

Pattern types:

Since quartz can be customized so easily, we offer a variety of pattern options including plain, veined, fine grain and coarse grain. A variety of edge types are also available, including flat edges, roundover and more.

Where can I use quartz?

Quartz can be used throughout your home or business. Quartz countertops are great for the kitchen where they can serve as a countertop, an island, a sink/washbasin or backsplash.  In the bathroom, quartz can be used as a vanity top, wall surround or shower stall. We also see customers who use quartz for bar tops, tabletops, coffee tables and desk tables.

What quartz brands do you carry?

  • Caeserstone
  • Silestone
  • Wilsonart
  • One Quartz
  • Color Quartz
  • Hanstone
  • Vicostone
  • Diresco
  • Cambria
  • ZodiaQ® DuPont
  • Bedrock

If you're interested in remodeling your home or business using quartz countertops, please fill out our design consultation form today.

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