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Countertop Installation

After countless hours researching material characteristics and envisioning the look and feel natural stone surfaces will bring to your space, you’ve finally pinpointed the best choice for your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

The next step is slab installation, which can be equally if not more important for a desirable end result. Obtain the natural stone surface of your dreams with quality installation services from Marble & Granite Tech.Like a tailor taking careful measurements of the body’s unique shapes and contours and hand-stitching a suit to match, an expert fabricator and installer can make any space look amazing with precision natural stone surface measurement, fabrication, and installation. Comparatively, an inexperienced crew or do-it-yourself-trained handyman can ruin the slab, damage associated structures meant to support the surface or even leave your home, business or workplace in complete disarray.

Kitchen Countertop & Island

Rest assured Marble & Granite Tech will carefully and accurately install your hand-selected natural stone slab. Headquartered in Barrington, Illinois, we’re experts in countertop installation and replacement. Dedicated to surpassing customer expectations, our specialties include:

We provide quality installation in the greater Chicago metropolitan area using only in-house technicians, unlike competitors that hire subcontractors they possibly have never met previously on an as-needed basis. Our policy enables crews to arrive prepared, better understand customer expectations and creates a system of accountability.

Having in-house technicians also allows us to improve continually, and we strive to set the standard for natural stone fabrication and installation. Our employees regularly undergo training in the latest techniques and technologies, and it shows in their work. Every measurement is taken on site with state-of-the-art digital equipment, delivering a level of superior precision not possible with hand measurements or cardboard templates.

We strive to make the installation process simple and hassle-free. Our teams remove items from cabinets, take out any drawers and don’t paint until finishing work. Upon job completion, all drawers are re-installed, and items are returned to their original positions.

At Marble & Granite Tech, no detail is overlooked. Offering flexible natural stone solutions tailored to the customer, we have the expertise, equipment and supply chain network needed to beautify spaces quickly and correctly.

Contact us for more information about our countertop installation services.

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Granite & Quartz for your Kitchen Project

Marble & Granite Tech, Inc. has been creating natural stone countertops for decades. We fabricate countertops and vanities for kitchens, bathrooms and bars. We can also create outdoor living areas, tables, accent pieces, fireplace surrounds and desks. We precisely fabricate and expertly install granite and quartz countertops using our patented vein-matching technology, along with a range of specialty stones including marble. If you’d like to update your countertops and cabinets, please peruse our website and visit our Barrington showroom to check out what we have to offer. We service both, residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area.

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