Custom Stone Table & Desktops

An important aspect of the working and dining experience is the surface upon which we complete important tasks or enjoy meals. Poorly designed or unsightly desk and table tops can negatively impact user experiences.

Find the right desk and tabletop for your space with assistance from Marble & Granite Tech. We provide choices and expert advice in a comfortable environment, helping customers select their ideal surface from a variety of materials and styles.

With access to high-quality precious stones from around the word, Marble and Granite Tech can create luxurious and functional commercial and residential desk and tabletops from the following stones:

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Desk & Table Applications

The best dining and work table top for you will be one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your space and has a style you’ll love for years. Along with affordability and timeless style, stability and construction are important. Key considerations include how it feels to sit at the table top, whether it will be comfortable for long time periods and its ability to withstand abuse. Common tabletop applications include:

  • Office desktops
  • Front desks
  • Retail spaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchen tables
  • Living room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Outdoor bar top
  • Patio table top


At Marble & Granite Tech, we specialize in custom desk and table tops that bring a heightened level of prestige and professionalism to any space. With a highly trained in-house fabrication team, we can provide customers with surfaces of any size and shapes including circular, rectangular and square tops. For more custom tables, we also offer hexagaon, octagon, racetrack oval, and elliptical oval tables.

Working with Marble & Granite Tech

When partnering with Marble & Granite Tech, you’ll receive personalized service, superb craftsmanship and quality materials that large or big-box stores can’t match.

We source the best stone and provide quality installation using highly trained, skilled artisans. Each measurement is taken on site with industry-leading digital equipment. This delivers an improved level of precision not possible with hand measurements or cardboard templates.

Projects are designed using state-of-the-art vein-matching technology. This capability enables viewers to see exactly where stone movement and veins flow, including how they interact with focal points, before cutting. With the best vein-matching abilities in the Midwest, we successfully reduce waste and streamline production, a cost reduction happily passed to the customer.

Take a hands-on approach to your work and dining top project with us. Based in Barrington, Illinois, we have showrooms in Geneva and Barrington, Illinois, containing vast curated collections of materials from which customers can view, touch and select.

Leveraging materials with beautiful colors and technologies that ensure smooth and seamless lines, Marble & Granite Tech can take your dining or office space to the next level.

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